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When disaster stikes, you want to confide in afire damage remediation contractor who has experience with the left over damage. Fire damage is one of the most dangerous renovation you can make, as the structural integrity of the building has been compromised in many cases. Therefore, additional precautions must be made in order to make the necessary changes to the areas affected. R&E Remodeling understands the need to get your life back to normal after such a horrific occurance as a fire in your home. We want to set the tone for an effortless transition period that has undoubdedly been difficult following the event. Getting your home to look like nothing ever happened can be a challenge, but there are many ways to renovate the fire affected area to reset the look and feel of the home back to a period before the fire took place. 

Mold Remidiation

Water damage is especially troubling because of the potential for mold. If you have a flooded basement, then you will soon find out that the area not only has to be drained and dried, but examined for hazardous mold once the water damage has been contained. R&E Remodeling will work with your homeowners insurance to find the best solution to your mold remediation and may even have a few solutions that could improve the future condition of the affected area. You could also upgrade to a full waterproofing of the areas in question, and that way you can rest assured that a similar incident will not occur. 

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