Living Room Addition

Your home’s living room is that place where you can relax and unwind after a long day. You probably have a set-up where you are comfortable by yourself or with your family, but you know there could be more. When guests come over, it becomes apparent that you could use more space, or perhaps you have recently added to your own family and there is a need for a more open floor-plan. Whatever the case, adding to your living room can often make your home feel completely transformed. As this is an area that is used quite often, the reward is the ability to feel even more comfortable within your favorite living space.

Bedroom Addition

When adding onto a bedroom, the first thing you will probably want to consider is the purpose for the extra space. Will it be used for a sitting area? A larger bed? Or would you simply like a new view? These are the questions we will discover during your free in-home estimate, along with several other factors. First, there is a need to check the underlying structure to make sure it can support extra weight, or if it might make sense to add support. Second, the level of your bedroom is also important. Not just whether the flooring is level, but is your bedroom on the first, second, or third level of the home? We can work on any house big, small, new or antiquated- but what is most important is what your goals are and how can we get there most efficiently.

Kitchen Addition

If you have ever tried cooking with someone else in the kitchen only to feel cramped and impeded, you can already appreciate what new space would mean for your home’s kitchen or dining area. There is no such thing as a kitchen that is “too large”, as the space will inevitably get used or repurposed for children or guest dining. Therefore, adding to your home in the kitchen or creating a breakfast nook can not only provide much needed space- it can also become the quiet getaway for you to enjoy and find comfort in the house. If you are planning to sell the home in the future, there are few renovation projects that will heighten the value and appeal for potential buyers. In our experience, there is hardly ever a home that would not greatly benefit from adding to, or remodeling the kitchen area.

If Only It Took This Long!

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 by Todd S
Kitchen Addition Gaithersburg, Md

Awesome having a new breakfast nook in my kitchen! I didn't know what was possible, but Roger saw the potential and I let him do his thing. What I hd in mind pales in comparison to what is there now. Also adding some value to the home that will ot for itself- thanks again!