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If you have access to your backyard at ground level, a patio is the perfect way to create an outdoor oasis for your home. We construct patios and outdoor entertainment areas to be enjoyed by all types of homes and families.

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Outdoor Patio vs Deck

While both patios and decks are excellent additions to any home, some plans fit a particular requirement or budget. The main difference between a patio and deck is that the patio will sit flush to the ground, while a deck is raised at least 3-7 ft on average. 

Patio Benefits:

What makes sense for your home? If given the opportunity, we can explore both options and even provide estimates for both projects if you need!

Outdoor Seating Areas

Most outdoor patios are used for entertainment purposes, and a seating area is a natural choice for most. With a stone or slate patio, you can enjoy a large area of your backyard where guests will not need to worry about the dirt that comes from the grass and dirt of the yard.

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