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Sceramic tile install in bathroomometimes the tiles in your house start to look worn out and dated, almost overnight. Ceramic tile can be create the ambiance that one desires when installed correctly. During a full or partial Bathroom Remodel, there are necessary steps that must be taken in order to successfully install new tile that differ from any other room. First, we will assess the tile substrate (the surface beneath the tile) and check for wear and tear. The substrate system in place is most likely the cause for most poor tiling projects- this can be avoided by taking this necessary first step. If the tile is going onto a surface that will be seeing wet conditions, water-resistant backer board is the most efficient substrate to use in these circumstances. Whatever the surface is, it must be clean, dry and have appropriate dimensions.   There are more checkpoints that must be addressed before the next step- and these include making sure there are not any bumps arising from the floor or tiling surface. This includes checking for water entry points, wallpaper, and eroding paint in and around the surface.

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Installing Ceramic Tiles

Once we have established the right ceramic tile to use in your renovation project, we will measure the room and begin cutting the tiles appropriately. This starts with finding the most level top-line to start with, and using this as the backbone for the dimensions of the room. Many homes, especially older ones, have a floor that is uneven to begin with. This is not a problem for pros like ourselves, as we know how to create the appearance of symmetrical flooring by using our experienced tiling installation methods. We work from the center inward, which will prevent an uneven appearance once completed at the wall junctions. There is truly an artistic approach taken with this sort of installation, as we understand that the end-result and overall appearance is drastically effected by the way in which the tiling appears.

When you have the same tile on the floor and wall, the result is a clean and professional design that is sure to impress guests! We have plenty of experience in this area, and we can install any type of tiling with the upmost precision.

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